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We think aging's a lot more enjoyable if we can find some humor in it. We talk about Geezer Stuff - retiring, downsizing, healthy living ideas & tips... We welcome suggestions. Email us here

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Episode 55 - There WILL be blood! Or, maybe there won't?

Episode 54 - Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated...

Episode 53 - Life is an #ADVENTURE !

Episode 52 - #Deadlines #Helicoptors and #AI - oh MY!

Episode 51 - Play it Safe! #InTheKitchen

Episode 50 - Go Fly A Kite! Yeah. Seriously.

Episode 49 - H2... Oh! #Prevention

Episode 48 - Simple Steps To Avoid Falling #PunIntentional

Episode 46 - (aka 9, Revisited) "Hey, I've got that TOO!"

Episode 45 - Sitting? It can KILL?

Episode 44 - The Secret 'O Life for Growing Old Together

Episode 43 - Updates From Your Tech Gurus

Episode 42 - Don't Pass on the PASS!

Not an Episode - just an "Extra" here. Granny Rap! (I know, right?)

Episode 41 - Pickleball, anyone?

Episode 40 - Wanna Hangout?

Episode 39 - GEEZER Review - YouTube TV

Episode 38 - OUCH! Can heels heal?

Episode 37 - The Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving

Episode 36 - A HUMAN app! That Could SAVE Todd!

Episode 35 - Is that a TELEVISION in your pocket? YouTubeTV Geezer Preview

Episode 34 - ADVANCE is the key word, here.

Episode 33 - My Phone Can Do WHAT ?!?!?

Episode 32 - GEEZER REVIEW - T-mobile Unlimited Data

Episode 31 - 17 BILLION dollars?!?

Episode 30 - Yeah. THIS happened. (thank goodness!)

Episode 29 - Proposed Medicare Changes

Episode 28 - How to WOW your Dr. with a New Year's Resolution

Episode 27 - Todd's underwear drawer, revisited!

Episode 26 - Flashback to Ep.2 for a GREAT holiday gift idea!

Episode 25 - "My head is spinning, like a whirlpool..."

Episode 24 - "Printing up scans of prints - wait, WHAT ??"

Episode 23 - "Experienced" Drivers

Episode 22 - Geezer Review: PhotoScan app by Google

Episode 21 - "It's my fridge, and I'll..."

Episode 20 - GEEZER REVIEW: Google Maps Navigation!

Episode 19 - What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Episode 18 - Downsizing, made simple! With NOWsizing!

Episode 17 - Be Medicareful. Here's how to compare your options

Episode 16 - How Not To Die, we interview NY Times bestseller author, Dr. Michael Greger

Episode 15 - Audio Cassettes? Dig 'em out and digitize 'em!

Episode 14 - Final Vinyl

Episode 13 - Is That Selena Gomez with Todd?

Episode 12 - Are we helping or hurting fellow seniors?

Episode 11 - A great resource some Boomers haven't yet discovered

Episode 10 - Working After Retirement. Good idea?

Episode 9 - YES! I've Got That TOO! A Geezer Game

Episode 8 - Protecting your cat from the feline diabetes epidemic

Episode 7 - Laugh in the face of aging! (also, check its cheeks)

Episode 6 - We explore Todd's underwear drawer! And more!

Episode 5 - How to stop getting colds and the flu. Seriously.

Episode 4 - How to break your addiction to processed foods.

Episode 3 - How to set yourself up for FREE, unlimited online storage of photos!

Episode 2 - Drag out those old VHS video cassettes. Let's digitize 'em!

Episode 1 - Welcome to our show, here's our plan for it...

more about Todd & Debra...

Debra's screen resume

Resume - Debra Leigh

Todd's screen resume
Todd's episode of Parks and Recreation, Season 3 Ep. 14 "Road Trip"

Screenshot above is from Todd's work on "Parks and Recreation" - Season 3 Episode 14 "Road Trip"

Debra Leigh's headshots and voice & screen acting reels are linked below and at

video clip above is from Debra's work on the "Stairmaggedon" episode of NBC's show The Office

Debra Leigh's scene from "NCIS - Los Angeles" Episode 7.17 "An Unlocked Mind"

2008 scene clip from comedy reel

Debra Leigh, national commercial